Future portfolio pieces to come…

I  will be adding more portfolio pieces as soon as possible. I’m working off a MacBook Pro and it’s not the fastest equipment to use while working on several graphic projects. I’ve been saving up for a new Mac Pro for over two years now, since my Dual 533 mgz G4 just decided to retire. I wonder when the new ones will come out. Rumor has it that it might not come out til early next year… but who knows. I’m sure that once it comes out, it will not dissapoint. 

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-19

  • The server's down! The server's down! Oh (mt) the pain you cause me! Curses!!!!! #
  • Reinstalling some apps so I can get some work done! Anyone like designing a preso on Keynote? #
  • Found out last night that 2 of my logos had been selected for Logo Lounge's Masterpiece Collection. Will be published next year! #
  • Just got back from the Mellow Mushroom for pizza with some friends. #
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