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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t ECU have the excellent faitlicy called the ECU school of Medicine? Doesn’t ECU put out docotrs, and suregons all over the state? Don’t cry poor mouth up here to me, because you will find no sympathy here. ECU is a state funded school, just like UNC, State, and the others. Why don’t you have the facilities to compete in basketball ..talk to that mighty PIRATE CLUB, who takes one dollar from every two that comes in, and feeds it into the football program. Why you might ask, because they could care less about basketball there! It is a known fact that all of the money the Pirate CLub gets in goes towards Dowdy-Ficklen/Minges/UBE/Exxon/give me some money please so we can compete with the big boys. You know finding someone to actually admit that they are a ECU Basketball fan, is about as easy to find a DUKE football fan! You can’t find either one, because they are both on the endangered species list.In closing my Pirate friend, you guys truly don’t care about anything but football there and that’s the bottom line. You don’t want to play UNC in nothing but football, and baseball. Nor does your women sports if they still have any there. I don’t see them lining up to play our women in anything either. You see I pull for UNC whether they are bad or good, and I pull for them in all sports men and women cause I can.At the end of the day you guys will still be ECU, and we will be UNC enough said!

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