3 thoughts on “I’ll Back You Up”

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  2. ECPirates you never cease to amaze me! UNC is pushing to take money away from EZU, are you being seuoris right now? I assure you pal, UNC doesn’t need to try and take away from EZU, they have PLENTY of $$$$$. As far as your fairweather fan comment, I’m pretty sure you are talking about the Pirate fans who will switch sides as soon as the football season ends think they pull for Duke or somebody I’m sure cause it damn sure aint the Pirates. I’m glad that you attend all the games you can, that shows your support for EZU which is fine, but rest assure my friend you want nothing to do with UNC in other sports, basketball, baseball, girls basketball, girls soccer, lacrosse, the list goes on. The only reason you guys say you want play UNC is because when it really comes down to it, you know it won’t happen! It’s definitely not a scared issue when it comes to scheduling EZU, it’s more of a just not wanting to play the BUMS, when you schedule a team with much more clout. Besides which teams look better on your schedule EZU, or Florida State, Texas, Wisconsin, Miami, Boston College .we play teams that actually matter, and the fact is you will ALWAYS be in Conference USA, and we never ever be considered a BIG DOG! Skip is not your savior, and will leave you standing out in the cold when bigger bucks are thrown his way.From your earlier post you said, that Skip and his wife are here to stay that is unless Notre SUCK calls don’t believe everything the coaches say, because they lie ..EXAMPLE #1 Nick Saban, saying and I quote there is no chance of me coaching at the University of ALabama. The next week he signed for millions All day everyday look up at the sky and you will see it’s Carolina BLue my friend, and it always will be! Just remember when you look towards that beautiful sky, that it’s just what EZU will always being doing . Looking Up AT CAROLINA!

  3. yeah I’m a Bobcats fan because I’m from NC, but hopepd on the bandwagon when Sheed was there too! haha. I still pull for them though. They’re def my 2nd favorite team. Love the Nuggets too.

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