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These are random series of thoughts that may occur at any given time. May or may not be edited, and definitely not pre-meditated.

Future portfolio pieces to come…

I  will be adding more portfolio pieces as soon as possible. I’m working off a MacBook Pro and it’s not the fastest equipment to use while working on several graphic projects. I’ve been saving up for a new Mac Pro for over two years now, since my Dual 533 mgz G4 just decided to retire. I wonder when the new ones will come out. Rumor has it that it might not come out til early next year… but who knows. I’m sure that once it comes out, it will not dissapoint. 

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Long Week

It’s been a long 1.5 weeks since I updated. I’ve been awfully busy getting caught up with projects, but I actually got a chance to think about future projects tonight since I finally got my laptop working again.

Working on a website for a really cool digital company called Voices Heard Media. Their new site is in production and we’re hopeful that we can launch it by mid to late March.


If you guys haven’t checked out Twitter you should. It’s a very simple but powerful tool. It’s amazing what you can learn about people and new things in less than 140 characters. I’m a late-comer to this “social-networking” tool but I highly recommend it.

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